Enhanced Placement Program

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From a first-year enrollment of six students in 2003, to 100 students annually, more than one thousand students have participated in the Enhanced Placement (EP) Program of Philadelphia Connections

The goal of the EP program is to provide the future behavioral healthcare workforce with a foundation that will provide them with the skills they need to work within the Philadelphia behavioral health system.

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There is no cost to the student, university, or provider agency for this program.

Philadelphia Connections Enhanced Placement seminars offered | Download the complete seminar schedules     

Basic Psychopharmacology
Co-Occurring Disorders
Diagnostic Issues – DSM
Ethical Issues
Perspectives of Families and Individuals with Lived Experiences
Introduction to Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Dual Diagnosis
Philadelphia DBHIDS system overview 
Psychopharmacology, Recovery & Ethics
Suicide Assessment and Intervention 
Workforce Preparation

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Philadelphia Connections Instructors

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Monica T. Campbell, Ph.D.
Laura Anne DeRiggi, LSW, MSW
Kate Ledwith, DSW, LCSW
Susan Lonker
Thomas J. Sheeran III, L.C.S.W.
Vivian Spiese
Craig Strickland, Psy.D.
Disha Uppal
Dr. Caryn Wetcher, Psy.D.
Mi-Yeet Wong, LCSW